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Water Oak

Water Oak

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Looking for a lavish yet classy piece of jewelry? The 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace and Freshwater Pearl Chain is here to stay.

The beautiful silver leaf pendant studded with CZ stone is a stunning design. The elegant design and classy neckpiece is an ideal choice for parties, the corporate office or cocktail events.

Add as many chains as you wish, as there are options for you to choose from our wide range of pearl collection


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Pearl Necklace Length: 14inch+2inch
Chain Length - 18inch
Chain Color - Silver
Grade: AAAA
Material: Freshwater Pearl + 925 Sterling Silver + CZ Stone
Leaf Pendant Size - 1inch
Earrings: Yes


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Do's and Don's

1> Last On, First Off

2> Clean your pearls with soft cotton

3> Avoid perfumes, hair spray, or any other cosmetics

4> Try not to spill water, liquid, or any other chemical

5> Always use a soft pouch to store pearls in a dedicated box to avoid getting them entangled

6> Get your Jewellery restrung in reqular intervals

Custom Desings

Please Note : In case of any specific requirements, please call+91 8799715976

Please Note

CherishBox offers real freshwater pearls. Every pearl has its own characteristic and may have slight differences in shape, size, and color making each pearl distinctive and unique. Attributes and images appearing are of the actual product to provide you with maximum detailing and impression. However actual product color might differ as appearing in the image due to light and screen resolution.

*Each order is carefully packaged in a single wooden box.
If customers prefer individual boxes for each product, an additional charge of Rs. 500/- will apply to cover the cost of additional packaging.

Care your Pearl

Pearls take care of your class, femininity, and style. And in return demand some care and caution.

They are exquisite delicate object and thus requires indispensable care. Giving them proper care makes it shine longer. Here are few tips on how to take care of your Pearl

How to wear

  1. Wear pearls often – Pearls when worn often, maintains their shine and keep them hydrated
  2. Last on, first Off – let your pearls be the last to put on and first to come off.
  3. After every wear, clean your pearl with soft cotton – wiping your Jewellery every time after use can help remove any body oil, makeup, or unwanted substance which might take away the twinkle of your pearl
  4. For lasting longer, make sure that your perfume, hair spray, or any other cosmetics do not come in direct contact with your pearl
  5. Do not wet your pearls. If you spill anything like water, juice, tequila, or any liquid wipe immediately with a soft cotton cloth
  6. Avoid getting pearls to direct sunlight or places with high humidity or heat
  7. Use lukewarm water and mild soap as a solution to clean the ornament (only if required).  Use a clean soft cotton cloth to wipe it immediately with a fresh soft towel to avoid the water contact for longer. Do not store the Jewellery until it’s dry.    
  8. Avoid household chemicals. Do not wear your pearls while cooking in the kitchen to avoid contact with any acid or liquid solution


How to store Pearls

  1. Pearls get scratched easily when coming in contact with any sharp substances.

  2. If you have to carry your pearls, always use a soft pouch. Avoid storing them for long. The more often it’s worn, the more grace it retains.

  3. Restring your pearls every year to avoid thread accidents especially for a strand pearl necklace. The tread used is either nylon or silk which loses its strength and thus requires a change.

  4. Store them flat and in a dedicated box. Do not store multiple pieces in a single box to avoid any starch or getting entangled

  5. Do not store pearl in plastic bags rather they need to be stored in a box having silk/satin or velvet-lined box

  6. Avoid wrapping it in any colored paper or cloth which might lose its color

  7. Pearls are real but the material used to hold them is artificial. To avoid spoiling your pearls, make sure to

    change them.

CherishBox provides you with exclusive packaging with every item. 

So Why Wait? 

Buy yourself a CherishBox! 

  • Handcrafted In India

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Exclusive  Packaging

  • Secure Transaction

  • Free Shipping

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925 Sterling Silver Components

  • High-Quality Material: CherishBox uses 925 sterling silver, known for its quality and durability, in crafting its exquisite pearl jewelry.

  • Tarnish Resistance: While sterling silver may tarnish over time, CherishBox provides care instructions and products to help maintain its shine and luster.

Skin Friendly Products

Savor the luxury that you deserve with our skin-friendly, anti-allergenic silver jewellery.

100% Genuine and Authentic Pearls

Stunning and elegant, these oyster generated pearls from CherishBox have a beautiful luster and shine to them