Frequently Asked Question

Pearl Facts

Is cultured Pearl as authentic as natural?

Cultured pearls are as real as any natural pearls. The only difference lies with the way irritant intrude. Natural pearls are found in oysters without any human interventions, whereas, cultured pearls are the result of cultivation. Both are formed inside a living organism, an Oyster.

Freshwater Pearls are one of the type of cultured pearls.

How are colored pearls formed?

Freshwater pearls are naturally light, whereas Tahitian cultured pearls are dark in color. Freshwater pearls those are generally light are dyed using a laser or by irradiation methods.

Does pearl have life.? It gives life to your fashion

No, definitely not. Pearls do not have a life. They are the formation of calcium carbonate which oyster secrets to protect itself when any unwanted irritant intrudes inside the soft tissue.

What makes natural pearl so expensive compared to cultured?

A natural pearl is found in the wild oyster existing in the ocean. Mid of the ocean, divers go to the top surface to find natural pearls. Nowadays they are even hard to find it on the ocean surface. Natural pearls are perfectly round and vibrant in color. Its rarity, divers grub work, and the perfect shape and size of natural pearls make it as expensive as 1,00,000$ to more.

Where can you carry your pearls?

Be it at a wedding or any corporate event pearls could be the best choice. Carrying light weight pearls. choker or a single strand pearls or may be single drop earring at office could enhance your magnificent beauty

Does removing pearls from the oyster means killing it.?

No, Farmers while extracting pearls from the oyster are very much careful not harming as the same oyster can live for many years and produce pearls. Older the oyster, the better the quality of the pearl.

How do you differentiate between the real and fake pearls? How to find if pearl is real?

You can find whether the pearl is real or not by rubbing against each other. Pearls are made up of calcium. Fiction generated by rubbing against each other ensures the originality of the pearls.

Why do some pearl strands have knot between them ?

If the string breaks, knots prevent you from losing all your pearls.

Experts also recommend knotting your pearls between each other to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Pearls on my strand shows to much string: is it possible to fix it?

The string stretches and weakens over time. You can easily restrung your pearls.

Contact your local jeweler for advice or reach out to us for repairs at an additional cost.

What are pearl grades?

Pearl grading is a tool used in the pearl industry by companies to distinguish between different types of pearls for their quality.