Identifying Real Pearls – Know if your Pearl is Real or Fake?

There is no denying that markets are filled with imitations, especially in the gemstone business. With the advent of technology and online pearl jewelry businesses, counterfeit has increased ten folds. This has increased the possibility of falling into the trap of purchasing fake pearls.

However, we can definitely outdo the imitation gemstone business in plenty of ways!

Before we delve to know if your Pearl is real or fake, let’s see which pearls classify as real!

Which Type Of Pearls Are Real?

Freshwater pearls are most definitely real and cultured and most of them are white and resemble Akoya pearls but they are produced in pastel shades as well!

Cultured pearls are the most genuine pearls that also involve human intervention. However, unlike cultured pearls, natural pearls are found extensively in nature and are much rarer

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