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How to differentiate Real Pearls from Fake!

There is no denying that markets are filled with imitations, especially in the gemstone business. With the advent of technology and online pearl jewelry businesses, counterfeit has increased ten folds. This has increased the possibility of falling into the trap of purchasing fake pearls.

However, we can definitely outdo the imitation gemstone business in plenty of ways!

Before we delve to know if your Pearl is real or fake, let’s see which pearls classify as real!

Which Type Of Pearls Are Real?

Freshwater pearls are most definitely real and cultured and most of them are white and resemble Akoya pearls but they are produced in pastel shades as well!

Cultured pearls are the most genuine pearls that also involve human intervention. However, unlike cultured pearls, natural pearls are found extensively in nature and are much rarer.

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 Do you want to know if your Pearl is Real or Fake?

Ways To Identify Real Pearls Vs Fake Pearls

  • The tooth test

If you are imaging testing the pearls with the help of your tooth, then you are absolutely right. It is in fact one of the most reliable methods to test whether your pearls are real or not. Specialists do tend to use a magnifying glass to observe the pearls. If the surface appears to be grainy then it is original pearl jewelry. In this case, if the pearl jewelry is natural or cultured, you will find the surface to be gritty while the surface will be smooth if it’s fake.

  • Feel the pearl

Well, this might seem the most obvious way to identify pearls, but it indeed is the easiest and the best method. If your pearls feel cool and warms up when they are worn while fake pearls are usually warm and sticky. Original pearl jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, so if you ever come across pearls that are restricted to one size and color, know that they are fake.

  • Luster of pearls

Pearl jewelry having a luster and that feel rough are real pearls since they have small ridges on their surfaces. However, these ridges cannot be seen with the naked eye and require a magnifying glass.

  • Rubbing two pearls together

A pearl powder is produced when two pearls are rubbed together. This is when you know that the pearl jewelry is real. In case of fake pearls, the process is smooth and no powder is produced. Knocking two pearls against each other also causes a unique sound, but this won’t be the case in fake pearls since they produce a slight sound.

It is known that these methods are better when used combined instead of using them alone to reach a judgment. You can always get an advanced test or reach out to your retailer to know whether you’re buying real or fake pearls.


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