Business Suit- Jewellery Essentials for Working Women

Business Suit - The must have Pearl Jewelry for every working women

Wondering if today, fashion can be professional choice of your corporate life? Or does it have to be about being fashionable, Bold, sophisticated and making your style quotient, smartly intelligent at work?

Get geared up with our latest collection to work alongside your business goals and make it a wonderful balance between beauty and brains.

Smartly designed, high quality and gorgeous jewelry must be a part of every working woman's wardrobe.

1. CherishBox Pearl Pendant Set

Classic CherishBox pearl pendant set

            Be it Office or Casual Day, or Night Out! Add just a little glam to your look with this dainty, CherishBox pearl pendant set. Dress it up for work with a formal outfit, or wear it casually with shorts and a crop top.

Adding this CherishBox pearl pendant set to your collection will definitely prove to be a versatile choice.

The perfect gift idea!

2. CherishBox Tear Drop Pearl Earring


CherishBox Hanging Earrings


            Beautiful, yet simple and light on your ears, they’ll look great regardless of how you pair them. These teardrop pearl earrings by CherishBox have a chic and timeless look that can be worn with anything and everything.

Pair them with semi-formal/colourful blazers for work or give your pearl hanging earrings a modern twist with a classic style by pairing them with an elegant Indian anarkali suit for a tea party.

These subtle tear drop earrings never fail to give a touch of class and sophistication which goes a long way.

 3. CherishBox Pearl Studs


            Are you amongst those who don't like wearing jewellery at all? Or one who loves minimal jewellery?

Presenting a go to: a simple classic piece of Pearl Stud to give you a minimalist yet complete look. CherishBox Pearl Stud lets you wear your favorite pair of earrings all day with versatility that adds to your style effortlessly. 

 4. CherishBox Pearl Anklet

           Pearl Anklet CherishBox

            Nothing says couture like our Pearl Anklet. Stylishly modern, our Pearl Anklet is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Elevate your look with a chic and luxurious touch with the CherishBox Pearl Anklet. This piece is the perfect addition to any outfit, going from day to night. Just a simple anklet on one ankle with formal pants or formal skirts will make many heads turn for all the right reasons.

5. CherishBox Pearl Necklace with Removable Pendant

            The Pearl Necklace is a wonder that can be worn with anything and everything. From western formal to Indian ethnics/formals, this CherishBox pearl necklace will add a stunning touch of elegance to your outfit.

The beautiful Baroque pendant is an add on to give you more options for styling.

  • With the CherishBox Baroque Pearl Pendant, the necklace will give you a bold and sophisticated look for cocktail parties.
  • With the toggle clasp, you can wear it to work on Fridays, for a semi-formal weekend getaway .
  • With the toggle at the rear end, the necklace can be paired for the classic look.
Layer the CherishBox pearl necklace with the sterling silver CherishBox pearl pendant set and you are good to go for any social cocktails with minimal efforts!

Living a life of luxury doesn't have to mean you have to commit to a one-size-fits-all look and feel.

Our Jeweler Essentials are crafted with the modern woman in mind: effortless, chic, and always wearable. It's a journey of beauty, style and style-life.

While you go out and break that glass ceiling of stigmas, let pearls add to your charm and power dressing!



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